Charcoal grill with lid and grid

Charcoal grill with lid and grid

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Our charcoal grill is great to take to the beach, quarry pond or to a picnic in the park! With its lid, the meat and your vegetables can cook super and remain juicy and tasty. In addition, 2 grids are included in the set, so you can vary how you want to grill. There is a hook on the side to hang your grilling tools! We also have the right grill tool in the shop!

Note: Only use outdoors, never indoors!

Charcoal is not included in the scope of delivery and please be careful with the grill lighter.
Only use the grill with the legs provided and place it on a fireproof floor, never use the grill pan without legs (risk of fire)!

Colour: black/red
Material: metal, iron
Size: about 36cm x 36cm x 45cm
Contents: grill tray, grill grid 2 pieces, lid with handle, grill legs.