Returns & Complaints

Goods have not arrived!
If you have not received the goods within a maximum of 7 working days, please inform us immediately by telephone or e-mail (our contact details can be found in the imprint!). We will then immediately contact our shipping service provider and discuss further procedures with you.
Goods are damaged or broken!
If your package is already damaged when the postman arrives, do not accept the package and inform us immediately by email or telephone.
If you see that your goods are damaged or broken when you open the package, take a picture of the damaged goods and send them to us by email. Our email address can be found in the imprint! We will contact you immediately!
Goods not as desired and you want to return the item!
No problem, you can send your order back to us free of charge within 14 days. Simply send us an e-mail with the subject "Retoure + order number" and which items you would like to return to the following e-mail address ( We will process your return as quickly as possible and email you the further procedure or you can simply use our returns portal.