Company Patjess - Home Living

Patjess was founded in Germany in 2018 and is a family start-up company and offers you a range with a feel -good factor.
We are for now only online and do not have any branches of their own yet, but we will be happy to expand our platform for you in the future . Our products are through the Paris fashion world and Designs inspired and also partially manufactured. we also work with French suppliers , among others .
Our range mainly includes Textile decorative items for your own home or for friends and family. However, not only great textiles are part of feeling good, but also other decorative items such as candles, plates or bags and cosmetic bags. Which we can also offer you in our range.
Patjess also sells gifts for every occasion, no matter whether it is a party wedding or a birthday present we are sure you will find something suitable with us .
Our range is lovingly selected and put together for you, you will also find this in our inspirations.
In addition, we also have our own products in our range Products , these products are manufactured or refined by Patjess itself.
You can recognize the in-house products by the different buttons on the respective products. So you get unique and individual products in limited editions from us, which are provided with our Patjess logo.
Uniqueness and a beautiful home, in our shop you can find great products to make your home a little nicer to relax from everyday life.
My name is Patrick State Licensed Designer and Lead
now the company Patjess - Home Living since the beginning of the year
2018 together with my sister.
We have become self-employed and want our
Love and creativity for home accessories with people
share. Our tasks are decorating, marketing, purchasing,
Shootings, web design, design, production of Patjess
Home and much more.
My sister is part of this story and leads it
Company in the background with, such as the support of
my entire family, without whom we would not exist today
Patjess should give people joy & offer the opportunity to set up exclusively!