Sweepstakes & scratch cards*

>>> Already Expired <<<

 Receive 1 scratch card per order and

1 additional scratch card for every 10 Euro purchase value in your package!

This campaign was also active on our other sales portals
expired on 07/30/2023 while stocks last! ***
What can I win with this ticket?
Win discount and vouchers for your next purchase from us.

discount voucher **

5%, 10%, 20%

Discount vouchers are valid until August 31, 2023 , have a minimum order value of 10 euros and apply to the entire purchase.

Vouchers **

3 euros - minimum order value 15€

5 euros - minimum order value 20€

10 euros - minimum order value 30€

20 euros - minimum order value of 40€

50 euros - minimum order value of 80€

Vouchers are valid until August 31, 2023 and apply to the entire purchase.

Shipping Voucher **

Get free shipping on your next purchase from us!

Minimum order value: 25€

Valid until August 31, 2023

Redeeming the vouchers

Enter the number of your winning entry number when ordering.

Your order will then be revised and adjusted. If you have any problems redeeming, feel free to contact us using the contact form below!

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* This competition is only valid in Germany and cannot be redeemed in other countries.
Can only be redeemed here in the online shop and not on other sales platforms such as ebay, Instagram or Etsy
** The winning codes from the scratch cards can only be redeemed on and cannot be transferred elsewhere. Value and discount vouchers cannot be combined with other promotions, except for "Free Shipping". Participation in the campaign is free of charge, typographical and printing errors excepted.

*** Our raffle tickets are also distributed on our other sales platforms such as ebay, Instagram, Facebook, Google or Etsy!

Do you have questions about the competition? Just get in touch with us via email or our contact form .